Monday, October 24, 2011

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Some things have change, and one of those is to keep you posted! so there we go!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A year in Photos: 2010

Last year was a year of suprises, thrill rides, new adquisitions, losses and of course, gains. Every single one of this pictures represent something.

This new year ive decided to give a kick to this blog and just make it of  life expiriences and of course, not leaving behind the fashion sense!

My 2011 MUST:
-Become a workaholic
-Move at last! 
-Go more often to the beach
-Get good grades
-Debt free
-Bad Karma free
-Give a new kick to my bedroom

And the most IMPORTANT:

So far, heres some pictures of 2011 so far:

More Things are about to come soon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New place, New begginings

Hello my Friends fellow readers,
Ive been out for awhile due to reasons i hate and like, sort of.
I moved to a new apartment, eventhough its kinda in the ghetto, im in love.

Today, something caught my eye while i was reading some blogs. Lately, there hasn't been talks about makeup; im not a type of girl that talks about makeup or expert, but i decided to go for it.
                   Let's talk about The Sephora Collection Makeup.
Buildable Cover Complexion Kit - Medium ($78 Value)
Sephora Buildable cover  complexion kit, 34.00

Words to describe it: cheap,damn good and practical.
The first time i bought them (i was employed) the store in Puerto Rico was in baby diapers. There was this big discount on bare escentuals , which was the ONLY thing i was buying from them was a compact and a red matte lipstick. I looked for a store assistant and started telling her the story of how much my skin suck because i cant use any regular marks, and she shows me this collection. I was astonished of the prices and the variety of it. I kinda said a few times; ''is she mind fucking me? "  so i decided to try it on before i started to splurge money.  Instantly, i fell in love with their compact foundation.... ITS GREAT! doesn't come off with sweat, no itching for me and with some soap or even water ;comes out easily. So i ended up buying the compact foundation, concealer and red matte lipstick ;all from Sephora.
Cooling Cover Stick
Cooling cover stick, $12

Matifying Compact Foundation
Sephora compact foundation, $20

Lip Attitude - Glamour
Lipstick, $12
Lets mention the rewards program as well. Its called The Beauty Insider, you just have to ask someone in the cashier and they give it to you for free; and take it from me; Ive been rewarded baby. On my birthday, i received a birthday song and a pack of 5 mini lip gloss; and when i got to the 100  points i received  a Clinique face cleanser program that i started using, but didn't satisfied my needs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Web site Review: Rue La La!

A few months ago i got an invite to a website that all of you already know: Rue La la !.
I tried it out and i was amazed with the sales. From Salvatore Fergamino to Betsey Johnson; and the shipping wasn't too much.

-To be part of this website, you need to receive an invitation; heres mine:

-The"Boutiques " as they call the different brands they bring only last for two or sometimes 3 days, so it puts you in anxiety level that feels nice.

-For every person you invite, you get 10$ credit, the more invites, the better!
-They have a blog too!

-When you subscribe, you recieve alerts of the diferent boutiques they are bringing and you get to choose notifications from the ones you are interested!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Street Style:July

Lately ive been using really madly short stuff and brights because of summer. So, as unconformable as i am , i decided to side shave my hair. Ive been rocking it the whole summer and its not that bad. It kinda looks like this:

No need to comb or do your hair! Its great! i can be formal, casual or semi casual. Would you do it? Go FOR IT! or NEVER?

PS. Its not mom approved!

-We want to see your street styles , so SEND US YOUR PICS to:

Get this Look: Chanel Pre Fall 2010

Its been raining and getting out of bed sucks. Add to that some drama.
I found interesting the new looks of the campaigns ive seen for fall 2010. 
-Fur (fake)
-Over the Knee boots
-Really tall heels
-Head necklaces
-Not many prints
-Formal meets Semi casual

I reviewed many Pre Fall campaigns and my favorite was: 
Channel Pre Fall 2010. 
Glory to my eyes. Its very difererent to what others gave. Chains, prints, black, big and fat necklaces, high boots,dresses, comfortable heels and of course, vests. Im not a too much makeup girl, so i loved that too, very natural.

Now, this is the part where i get inspired and put an example just for you.
Go for a longer earing look like chains, or instead use a necklace. Goes along with everything! Dont forget to use bold primary colors.


Hello Friends.
Thanks for reading this blog.
This is the Modern World, has mixed emotions.
We will be posting about:
-Street styles (from friends or others)
-Fashion movements