Monday, August 16, 2010

New place, New begginings

Hello my Friends fellow readers,
Ive been out for awhile due to reasons i hate and like, sort of.
I moved to a new apartment, eventhough its kinda in the ghetto, im in love.

Today, something caught my eye while i was reading some blogs. Lately, there hasn't been talks about makeup; im not a type of girl that talks about makeup or expert, but i decided to go for it.
                   Let's talk about The Sephora Collection Makeup.
Buildable Cover Complexion Kit - Medium ($78 Value)
Sephora Buildable cover  complexion kit, 34.00

Words to describe it: cheap,damn good and practical.
The first time i bought them (i was employed) the store in Puerto Rico was in baby diapers. There was this big discount on bare escentuals , which was the ONLY thing i was buying from them was a compact and a red matte lipstick. I looked for a store assistant and started telling her the story of how much my skin suck because i cant use any regular marks, and she shows me this collection. I was astonished of the prices and the variety of it. I kinda said a few times; ''is she mind fucking me? "  so i decided to try it on before i started to splurge money.  Instantly, i fell in love with their compact foundation.... ITS GREAT! doesn't come off with sweat, no itching for me and with some soap or even water ;comes out easily. So i ended up buying the compact foundation, concealer and red matte lipstick ;all from Sephora.
Cooling Cover Stick
Cooling cover stick, $12

Matifying Compact Foundation
Sephora compact foundation, $20

Lip Attitude - Glamour
Lipstick, $12
Lets mention the rewards program as well. Its called The Beauty Insider, you just have to ask someone in the cashier and they give it to you for free; and take it from me; Ive been rewarded baby. On my birthday, i received a birthday song and a pack of 5 mini lip gloss; and when i got to the 100  points i received  a Clinique face cleanser program that i started using, but didn't satisfied my needs.

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