Monday, July 26, 2010

Web site Review: Rue La La!

A few months ago i got an invite to a website that all of you already know: Rue La la !.
I tried it out and i was amazed with the sales. From Salvatore Fergamino to Betsey Johnson; and the shipping wasn't too much.

-To be part of this website, you need to receive an invitation; heres mine:

-The"Boutiques " as they call the different brands they bring only last for two or sometimes 3 days, so it puts you in anxiety level that feels nice.

-For every person you invite, you get 10$ credit, the more invites, the better!
-They have a blog too!

-When you subscribe, you recieve alerts of the diferent boutiques they are bringing and you get to choose notifications from the ones you are interested!

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